1. The game involves two sides – the Player and the Dealer. The dealer of the game deals one card face-up to each side in every draw.

2. Dealing:

2.1. Cards are dealt to sides by one card in turn until both sides have one card face-up.

2.2. The Player always receives the first card.

2.3. When both sides each have one card face-up, the situation is assessed and in accordance with the fixed rules it is determined if the draw was won by one of the sides – the Player or the Dealer, or if it ended in War.

3. The goal of the game is to receive a card that has a higher value than of opposing side’s.

3.1. The winning side is the one that has a card of a higher value after each side have one card face-up.

3.2. If after a deal of cards for the Player and the Dealer, both have cards that have the same value, then draw finishes in War outcome.