Auto Selector

Selects the maximum number(s) set by the player in the following categories:  

  • Random
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Top
  • Middle
  • Bottom

Pay Table

Indicates the payout depending on the numbers chosen


The amount the player wagers


Multiplies the possible payout according to the numbers chosen and wager amount

2. A player can choose up to 10 numbers ranging from 1 - 80.

3. After the numbers have been chosen, 20 numbers will be drawn randomly and the winnings are calculated according to the paytable.  


To gamble any win press Gamble button, then select RED, BLACK or CARD SUIT. 

If RED/BLACK choice is correct the gamble amount is doubled (x2).

If the CARD SUIT choice is correct the gamble amount is quadrupled (x4).

If choice is not correct the gamble amount is lost and the game is finished.