Kindly make sure you are currently logged in your Playbet account before attempting to place a bet. 

  1. Click on the icon and a side menu will show on the left side of the screen, then click QUICK LINKS
  2. Click on Lotto under the QUICK LINKS tab. It will take you to the list of all lotto markets.
  3. You can choose any market, but for this example we will click on Lotto Fixed. 
  4. You can choose any country, but for this example we will click on UK 49s TEA 1st 6 + BONUS.
  5. Once you are on the UK 49s TEA 1ST 6 + BONUS page, select Quint 4 + 1 for this example.
  6. On this screen you now have to click on PICK YOUR OWN NUMBERS to select your numbers including the bonus ball. 
  7. Select 4 numbers from the red balls and select 1 number from the black bonus balls then click on ADD BET. 
  8. After clicking on ADD BET you will see on the top right corner. Click on it to add funds to your bet.
  9. Add the amount to your betslip, before placing your bet confirm that all numbers are correct and the potential payout is displayed below.
  10. Once you are ready, click on the PLACE BET button. You will see your bet being processed below.
  11. Once your bet has been successfully placed. You will see this confirmation message plus your ticket reference number.