1. Launch the Nedbank Money App and Login
  2. Once logged in, scroll down and click on Transact
  3. After clicking Transact, on the pop up menu click on Pay
  4. Fill in Recipient name as Playbet and scroll own
  5. Select the relevant Bank and type in the Account Number
  6. Once you've filled in all details you can toggle Save Recipient to save the details (recommended)
  7. Type in the amount you want deposit into your account
  8. Fill in the reference then under notification select none (Reference number = Your Playbet account number)
  9. After you've selected None, click on Email to send proof of payment (recommended)
  10. Fill in the Email Address support@playbet.co.za you can skip the payment date
  11. Once that is done, you'll be given a chance to review and confirm your payment
  12. When you click Pay the payment will go through and proof of payment will be sent to Playbet's support email.