You can now make deposits using our online gateway payments. Here is how it's done.  

First you need to make you you are logged in 

On the menu, click on Deposit 

Select between these 3 options. 


        Credit Card

        Direct Bank Deposit 

        Instant EFT 

For Credit Card options 

  1. Fill in the amount between R20 and R100 000
  2. Fill in your Card Number (it's 16 digits long)
  3. Fill in the card holder's name and surname
  4. Fill in your CVV number found at the back of your card. (The last 3 digits on the CVV holder )
  5. Select the expiry date indicated on the front of your ticket.
  6. Read and accept the terms & conditions then click on Pay

For Direct Deposit options 

Direct Bank (or EFT) Deposits can take up to 72 hours to reflect with your account. Make sure that you use your Playbet account ID as a reference. 

  1. Type in the amount that you are depositing
  2. Choose your bank of preference
  3. Tick our T's & C's box
  4. Click on Submit
  5. Go to your nearest selected bank, make the deposit and email or WhatsApp us the proof of payment


    WhatsApp: 0606 888 888

    Telephone: 0861 752 923

For the SID options 

SID allows you to transfer funds directly from your online banking profile. No credit card required. SID will direct you to your existing internet banking facility to make the payment. The correct banking details and your reference number will already be loaded for your convenience. 

  1. After electing the SID payment option, you'll be prompted too select your bank.
  2. You'll then be prompted to log in to your Internet Banking
  3. You'll then select the bank account you wish to pay from
  4. To complete the payment, you'll have to enter the One-time PIN received from your bank
  5. Once that is done the payment will be complete and you'll be redirected back to the Playbet website.